Quality & Environmental Policy

Quality & Environmental Policy

Within the context of MD Electrical it is our policy to meet all client, legal and other requirements so as to ensure that customers are fully satisfied with the quality of our services and that we comply with all relevant environmental legislation. It is also our policy to seek to minimise its use of resources as far as reasonably practicable, protect the environment at all possible times and to prevent pollution from our specific environmental aspects.

We will establish, amend and improve our policies and objectives within our context bearing in mind our interested parties, where applicable to ensure they remain appropriate to our operations, customer requirements & expectations and relevant legislation & codes of practice, relating to the aspects of our activities and the context of our organisation.

We are currently ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 UKAS accredited which for a company our size is fairly rare and shows the commitment we have to bettering our company as a whole and streamlining processes so as to keep our customer relations to a high standard and ensuring that we meet all of our Environmental policies and requirements in the ever changing world.

We ensure that every member of staff is familiar with and competent to carry out the tasks which are applicable to their area of work, in order to minimise the likelihood of failing to meet quality requirements.

The effectiveness of the system is continually monitored and we are committed to continual improvement throughout our various processes of inspection, audit, monitoring, analysis and review. During the management reviews, we will consider the progress of achievement of our targets and objectives. As relevant, we may modify or introduce new targets and objectives.

All members of staff are trained in the meaning and implications of this policy during their training/induction process and informed or retrained as appropriate whenever the process is amended. This policy is communicated to all persons working on our behalf, including subcontractors, etc and is made available to the general public via our company website.

Marcos Diez