Project Description

Building 1 – Wickham Hall, Bishops Stortford

This was a new building built from scratch for a major on-line multi-billion pound company so needed to be state of the art with as much reliability as possible built in.

A new incoming electrical supply was installed within the building by UKPN with ourselves carrying out all the organising and admin works to make this happen.

All lighting was low energy LED throughout with conventional switching within main areas and PIR switched within toilet areas and small offices.

Large 4-compartment floor boxes were installed within the floor screed complete with 4No. Cat6 data points at each desk and 2No. twin socket outlets within the main office areas with low level and desk height sockets mounted in other areas.

State of the art CCTV and security measures were installed throughout discrectly so as not to draw too much attention to what the building was used for.

A new fire alarm system was installed complete with automatic detection throughout and was linked to the roof vents and door entry systems.

All aspects of the design were carried out by ourselves.